Plastic Vessels, lucid

The plastic vessels are made of lucid PE and have got a yellow screw plug. They have got a graduation. Normally the vessels are filled with 4% buffered formalin. We are exclusively using recently produced formalin and you recieve a corresponding certificate of Analysis with every delivery.





08-0224   Plastic Vessels, 43 x 34 mm, 26 ml volume, graduated up to 20 ml

08-0223   Plastic Vessels, 43 x 45 mm.50 ml volume, graduated up to 40 ml

08-0221   Plastic Vessels, 55 x 44 mm,70 ml volume, graduated up to 60 ml

08-0226   Plastic Vessels, 75 x 45 mm,92 ml volume, graduated up to 80 ml

08-0222   Plastic Vessels, 68 x 53 mm,108 ml volume, graduated up to 90 ml


If you would like to get other concentrations of formalin feel free to ask us for it.

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