UniMark® Slides

Your markings contrast especially well with the bright colours of UniMark® Slides printed ends. This serves to identify specimens securely. Furthermore, different colours offer the additional possibility of colour coding (for example for methods of analysis, users, priorities, etc.).

The thin UniMark® coating of the marking area facilitates the processing of these slides on automated systems. Furthermore, it prevents the slides from sticking together or being scratched.

Of course, you get the UniMark® Slides as the conventional microscope slides with different edge treatments.


80-0040 UniMark ® Slides, white mat edge

80-0041 UniMark ® Slides, green mat edge

80-0042 UniMark ® Slides, yellow mat edge

80-0043 UniMark ® Slides, blue mat edge

80-0044 UniMark ® Slides, pink mat edge

80-0045 UniMark ® Slides, orange mat edge

80-0046 UniMark ® Slides, turquoise mat edge

80-0047 UniMark ® Slides, strawberry mat edge

80-0048 UniMark ® Slides, purple mat edge

80-0049 UniMark ® Slides, beige mat edge

80-0050 UniMark ® Slides, gold mat edge


1 qty = 50 pcs.

1 carton = 2500 pcs.


Our slides are CE marked and therefore for in-vitro diagnostic applications.

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