Adhesive Microscope Slides HistoBond® plus

HistoBond® plus Slides combine the characteristics of our HistoBond® line with frosted ends but are printed in various colours which facilitates the secure identification of specimens. These different colours also offer the possibility of colour coding (e.g. for methods of analysis, users, priorities, etc.). Another advantage of the product is its thin coating of the marking area facilitating the processing of these slides on automated systems and preventing them from sticking together or being scratched.

The product is made of soda lime glass of 3. hydrolytic class, in compliance with DIN ISO 8037/1, Dimensions: approx. 76 x 26 mm, thickness approx. 1 mm, with silane treated surfaces, with 90° ground edges, with coloured marking area 20 mm (at one end, on one side).


03-0059                           Histobond® plus Slides, white mat edge

03-0059/gelb                Histobond® plus Slides, yellow mat edge

03-0059/grün               HistoBond®  plus Slides, green mat edge

03-0059/blau               HistoBond® plus Slides, blue mat edge

03-0059/rosa               HistoBond® plus Slides, pink mat edge

03-0059/orange         HistoBond® plus Slides, orange mat Edge


Of course you can get more HistoBond®-colors at the mat edge on request.


Our slides are CE marked and therefore suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications.



1 pack = 100 pcs.

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