Microscope Slides SuperFrost

An innovative advance in microscope slides! SuperFrost® Slides offer accurate specimen classification necessary in modern laboratories.

SuperFrost® microscope slides come with a light opaque coating in seven standard colors; white, blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange. Each color codes different specimens at a glance according to urgency, processing or staining technique, for example. Resistant to commonly used laboratory solvents, SuperFrost® slides are also resistant to scratching or sticking when stacked together.

To ensure easy identification, SuperFrost® label areas are on the top of the microscope slide, so it is easy to find the "right" side.

SuperFrost® microscope slides are available with cut, ground 90º or 45º and bevelled edges. SuperFrost® microscope slides can also be offered with individual labelling for laboratories and hospitals.


03-0040      SuperFrost ®-Slides, white mat edge

03-0041      SuperFrost ®-Slides, green mat edge

03-0042      SuperFrost ®-Slides, yellow mat edge

03-0043      SuperFrost ®-Slides, blue mat edge

03-0044      SuperFrost ®-Slides, pink mat edge

03-0045      SuperFrost ®-Slides, orange mat edge

03-0048      SuperFrost ®-Slides, purple mat edge



1 Qty = 1000 pcs.

Our slides are CE marked and therefore for in-vitro diagnostic applications. 

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