Adhesion Microscope Slides SuperFrost plus®

Adhesively coated slides for the adhesion of tissue sections with the dimensions 25 x 75 x 1 mm. The edges are sharpened in an angle of 90°. Alternatively you can recieve the slides with skewed Corners and an angle of 45°.

The slides get occupied with a permanent, positive charge with the aid of a new technology. Via electrostatic attraction the slide is able to tie fresh frozen sections and cytological compounds and a covalent binding between the tissue sections the slide develops.

The slide has a solvent resistant, Super-Frost®  mat edge which is printed on the slide and easily labeled. This coating of the mat edges prevents the glass from sticking together and from grazing when being put on top of each other.


03-0060                          SuperFrost® plus mat edge White

03-0060/grün              SuperFrost® plus, mat edge green

03-0060/gelb               SuperFrost® plus, mat edge yellow

03-0060/blau              SuperFrost® plus, mat edge blue

03-0060/orange        SuperFrost® plus, mat edge orange

03-0060/rosa              SuperFrost® plus, mat edge pink



1 Qty. = 72 pcs.

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