Our labels are made of PE-film which you can label with a felt pen or a pen.

Optionally you can get the labels made of paper which you can label with a pencil.

The labels made of PE-film are fluid-repellend.

You may design the labels as you desire. Just contact us about your desired design.




04-0020      Dangerous Goods "X", size 30 x 30 mm,

                          orange with black formalin marker

                          1 Qty. = 2.000 pcs.


04-0021      Label with the address of your Institute and a patient area,

                          dangerous goods "X", designed individually depending on your specifications

                          1 Qty. = 2.500 pcs.


04-0023      „Aesculap-stick“-Label, purple,

                          with the mark "medical examination sample"

                          1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.

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