Scintillation Vials

The scintillation flasks are made of PP, milky-white and have got a white screw cap. Another option is to use the vessel from the inside for the sample transport.




08-0050      Scintillation flasks, 20 ml,

                          white screw cap,

                          58 x 25 mm (HxØ)

                          1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.


08-0051      Tube for the inside, 4 ml,

                          milky screw cap,

                          53 x 12 mm (HxØ)

                          1 Qty. = 2.000 pcs.

On request you can also get the vessels filled with formalin or labeled. Just extend the Item numbers like this:

/F : filled with formalin

/E : labeled

/X : labeled with dangerous goods "X" sign

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