Biopsy Tubes

Our Biopsy Tubes are made of pure PP, lucid and have a screw cap made of HDPE.

They have got a good stability despide their small size.

The Biopsy Tubes have the dimensions 47 x 16 mm (HxØ).





08-0089/W      Biopsy-Tube, white screw cap, volume 10 ml


08-0089/R      Biopsy-Tube, red screw cap, volume 10 ml


08-0089/G      Biopsy-Tube, yellow screw cap, volume 10 ml


1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.

You can find these Biopsy-Tubes filled with formalin and / or with a label in the menu"Tubes filled with Formalin"!



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