Histology Container

These histology containers are made of an extra heavy-walled PP and graduated. The screw cap is also made of heavy-walled PP.

The containers widen from the bottom to the top and therefore are extremely suitable for large and bulky samples.

The containers are very stable, suitable for repeated use and can also be cleaned at high temperatures, without losing their tightness.



08-0080/250         Histology Container, 250 ml,

                                        graduated up to 150 ml,

                                        60 x 90 mm (H x Ø)

08-0080/500         Histology Container, 500 ml,

                                        graduated up to 350 ml,

                                        110 x 90 mm (H x Ø)

08-0080/1000      Histology Container, 1000 ml,

                                        graduated up to 700 ml,

                                        140 x 112 mm (H x Ø) 


1 Qty. = 100 pcs.

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