ConsumerBox for Mouthguard Masks

Transport Box for your Mouthguard Mask

At the moment he is on everyone's lips - the mouthguard. Hygienic handling of the face masks is particularly important. But how does this work on the go and how should masks that have already been used be transported?

We are certain that this is not a problem with the ConsumerBox.

The mouthguard is not only kept clean and hygienic in the plastic box, but also on the go.

Simply put it back in the box after use. After using it can be cleaned and disinfected.


07-0080     ConsumerBox for Mouthguard Masks
                         Size: 115x85mm, usable for 2 masks


07-0081     ConsumerBox for Mouthguard Masks
                         Size: 180x145mm, usable for 10 masks


1 Qty. = 1 pcs.

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