Unique sponge for environmental sampling. Humidified, 50 cm large, blue sponge for easy and effective sampling, for the detection of pathogens, such as Listeria.

The bright blue colour of the sponge makse it easy to find it if it got accidently lost.  Polywipes are made of special materials that do not contain any inhibitory substances. This ensures maximum recovery and optimum detection of all microorganisms.




Conventional sponge materials contain inhibiting substances such as Orthophenylphenol, sulfur and quaternary ammonia compounds derived from manufacturing materials themselves or were introduced by the manufacturing process. Some of These substances are used as disinfectants or cleaning agents in the Food industry and can damage absorbed microorganisms, which then prevents their detection and recovery in the laboratory.

Polywipes with chalk line: This method was originally developed for the detection of Salmonella on poultry farms and is particularly useful for sampling from soil or manure pit but also used in other industrial monitoring areas such as foods-producing factories, bakeries etc ..

The towing line can be conducted by hand or attached to a garment to collect samples from a larger area.


Article No.          description

MW 727           moistened sponge swab with integrated 1.2-meter cord, individually packed.

MW 727a        as MW 727 with 50 sterile, re-sealable plastic bags

MW 728           moistened sponge swab in a 110 ml container, 3x packed, incl. sterile gloves

MW 729           moistened sponge swab, peel-pouche, 3x packed  

MW 729a        as MW 729 with 50 sterile, re-sealable plastic bags

MW 727b        as MW 729 with 50 sterile, re-sealable plastic bags and 50 sterile gloves




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