Haemacytometer Cover Glasses

Cover Glasses 0.4 mm for counting chambers and haemacytometers.

The Hemacytometer Cover Glass is placed on the outer bearings’ surfaces and due to their flatness adheres very well.

Thus it forms an exact capillary gap and defines the volume of the cell suspension over the counting grid.

The excellent quality of their edges make our Hemacytometer Cover Glasses well suitable for blood smears with ground and polished edges.


01-2026/9      Hemacytometer Cover Glasses 20 x 26 mm, ground edges

01-2222/9      Hemacytometer Cover Glasses 22 x 22 mm, ground edges

01-2424/9      Hemacytometer Cover Glasses 24 x 24 mm, ground edges

01-3030/9      Hemacytometer Cover Glasses 30 x 30 mm, ground edges

1 Qty = 10 pcs.

Our cover glasses are CE marked and therefore suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications.

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