Cover Glasses, round

Round Cover Glasses have the same characteristics and have the same quality as the standard cover glasses.

Also these cover glasses are ready for immediate use




01-0006/x      Cover Glasses Ø 6 mm                    01-0022/x      Cover Glasses Ø 22 mm
01-0008/x      Cover Glasses Ø 8 mm01-0024/x      Cover Glasses Ø 24 mm
01-0010/x      Cover Glasses Ø 10 mm01-0025/x      Cover Glasses Ø 25 mm
01-0011/x      Cover Glasses Ø 11 mm01-0028/x      Cover Glasses Ø 28 mm
01-0012/x      Cover Glasses Ø 12 mm01-0030/x      Cover Glasses Ø 30 mm
01-0014/x      Cover Glasses Ø 14 mm01-0032/x      Cover Glasses Ø 32 mm
01-0015/x      Cover Glasses Ø 15 mm01-0035/x      Cover Glasses Ø 35 mm
01-0016/x      Cover Glasses Ø 16 mm01-0042/x      Cover Glasses Ø 42 mm
01-0018/x      Cover Glasses Ø 18 mm01-0080/x      Cover Glasses Ø 80 mm
01-0020/x      Cover Glasses Ø 20 mm



All cover glasses are available in 4 standard sizes:

80-xxx/0     Cover glass thickness 0       (0,08-0,12 mm)

80-xxx/1     Cover glass thickness 1       (0,13-0,16 mm)

80-xxx/5     Cover glass thickness 1,5   (0,16-0,19 mm)

80-xxx/2     Cover glass thickness 2       (0,19-0,23 mm)


Further sizes and strengths are available on request.

Our cover glasses are CE marked and therefore suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications.


1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.

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