Extraction thimbles made of glassfibre

Recommended for filtration and determination of dusts and aerosols from air and gas streams.

Made from 100% pure borosilicate without binder.

High load capacity and high air permeability.







  • Extraction with solvents, which are incompatible with cellulose fibers
  • Check gas emissions in industrial furnaces
  • Gravimetric determination of dust in hot gases
  • Collection of dust particles or aerosols from air and gas streams
  • Extraction at specific biochemical analyzes


                                              size (inner Ø x height) in mm                   Extractor nominal capacity in ml

604/19x90                     19 x90                                                                      

604/22x80                     22 x80                                                                        30

604/25x100                  25 x100

604/26x60                     26 x60

604/30x100                  30 x100

604/33x94                     33 x94

604/43x123                  43 x123




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