Biopsy Bags

Close meshed polyester bag for the embedding of biopsies.

After embedding the bag can easily be torn on the sides.





09-0031/S          Biopsy Bag, Size 30 x 45 mm, white

09-0035/M        Biopsy Bag, Size 45 x 60 mm, white

09-0036/L          Biopsy Bag, Size 45 x 65 mm, White


You can also get acid-resistant Biopsy Bags:


09-0031/SX      Biopsy Bag, acid-resistant, Size 30 x 45 mm, White

09-0035/MX    Biopsy Bag, acid-resistant, Size 45 x 60 mm, White

09-0036/LX      Biopsy Bag, acid-resistant, Size 45 x 65 mm, white


1 Qty. = 250 pcs.

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