Microscopical Cover Glasses - Marienfeld

Cover Glass of clear white glass of hydrolytic class 1. This chemically resistant borosilicate glass is completely colorless. Our cover glasses meet the requirements of the ISO Norm 8255. Even when archived for years preparations keep their optical quality thanks to our noncorroding glass and the particularly low tolerance of the material thickness. Our coverslips are ready for use and well suited for application in automated coverslippers. All these characteristics result in significant advantages for the user.



80-1818/x     Cover Glasses, Size 18 x 18 mm, 1 Qty. = 1000 pcs.

80-2450/x     Cover Glasses, Size 24 x 50 mm, 1 Qty. = 1000 pcs.

80-2455/x     Cover Glasses, Size 24 x 55 mm, 1 Qty. = 1000 pcs.

80-2460/x     Cover Glasses, Size 24 x 60 mm, 1 Qty. = 1000 pcs.

All cover glasses are available in 4 standard sizes:

80-xxx/0     Cover Glass thickness 0  (0,08-0,12 mm)

80-xxx/1     Cover Glass thickness 1  (0,13-0,16 mm)

80-xxx/5     Cover Glass thickness 1,5  (0,16-0,19 mm)

80-xxx/2     Cover Glass thickness 2  (0,19-0,23 mm)

Our cover glasses are CE marked and therefore suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications.

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